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Diamond VIP

  • UNLIMITED Access on ALL Sunbeds 

  • UNLIMITED Mystic Tanning

  • UNLIMITED Lotion Boosters (one per visit)

  • UNLIMITED Red Light Therapy

Platinum VIP

  • UNLIMITED Stand-up 360 Bed

  • UNLIMITED Lay-down 360 UVA Bed

  • UNLIMITED Gold, Silver & Bronze Beds

Mystic VIP

  • UNLIMITED Mystic Tanning

Red Light Therapy VIP

Booster (Lotion) VIP

  • UNLIMITED Lotion (one per visit)

  • Add Booster to any VIP Membership for $20 per month

Gold VIP

  • UNLIMITED Lay-down 360 Deep Dish Bed

  • UNLIMITED Lay-down Bed with Face Tanner & Side Bulbs

  • UNLIMITED Silver & Bronze Beds

Silver VIP

  • UNLIMITED Lay-down Bed with Face Tanner

  • UNLIMITED Bronze Beds

Bronze VIP

  • UNLIMITED Regular Lay-down Beds